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Pay as You Grow - A Better Way

Employers want better recruitment outcomes

We have taken the time to listen and we understand that employers want to improve their hiring outcomes and reduce costs. We have taken a brand new approach to an outdated and broken industry that hasn’t evolved
since its inception. At Talent Butler we are setting a new benchmark in talent solutions with our unique Pay as You Grow solution.

A smarter more affordable approach for organisations.

We want organistions to be able to better-manage their budgets, cash flow and financial forecasting. Our Pay As You Grow model spreads the cost of hiring staff with a shared-risk, partnered approach, providing up to 12 months replacement – a game changer.

At Talent Butler, you have spoken and we have listened.

No other recruiter has truly listened to the market like this before by creating a model reflecting what HR
leaders, business owners and hiring managers are actually craving.

We’re proud to deliver exactly what we promise – an agile, tailor made talent acquisition solution based on
honesty, integrity and professionalism.

To see how we can place confidence into your business while helping you better manage your budgets, cash flow and financial forecasting, contact us today.

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