Innovation is at the heart of what we do

Our Philosophy

We get that employers want to improve their hiring outcomes and reduce costs, so we’ve reimagined an outdated model by creating a truly innovative, and cost-effective Pay as You Grow solution to talent-acquisition. We believe in giving more than we receive, so much so that our model shares the responsibility when it comes to staff retention.

No traditional recruiter could ever say that! Our commitment is to align ourselves with clients and candidates we respect, providing a first-class values-driven level of service at all times while delivering the highest quality of work to form long-term partnerships.

Our Journey

Talent Butler was conceptualized and created by CEO & Founder, Mathew Thompson. During many years of seeing employers frustrated with the traditional recruitment process, Mat was driven to make a change in the sector by providing a more valuable proposition. Mat is deeply integrated in property recruitment, placing confidence in the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and Australia for transactional, as well as C-Suite level positions with more than twenty years of experience.

With the subscription industry rapidly evolving and a proven business model, Mathew and his team are passionate about bringing an improved and innovative pricing model into the recruitment market and already counts both national and international employers among Talent Butler’s clients. Mathew understands that employers need the ability to attract talent with leading technologies while reducing costs for long-term outcomes. Talent Butler’s unique “Pay as You Grow” approach accesses and engages culture-focused, high calibre talent quickly and effectively.

With further demand from our clients and candidates, Talent Butler has now expanded with offices in both Melbourne and Sydney covering Property, Project Management, Development and Sales and Marketing opportunities.

The Talent Butler Difference

No other recruiter has truly listened to the market like this before by creating a model reflecting what HR leaders, business owners and hiring managers are actually craving.

Sound Familiar?

We know that recruiting the right staff is critical for any business. But we also appreciate that every business has different recruitment needs.

Our mission is simple. To provide employers with an innovative, stress-free talent solution delivered by talent acquisition experts who are committed to listening to the voice of the customer and delivering the perfect candidate … not just their commission.

Our truly creative payment approach delivers exceptional and affordable talent solutions that businesses like yours deserve.

Specialty Industries

Real Estate & Property

Property Managers, Asset Management, Leasing, Marketing Managers, Lease Administration, Analysts, Business Support

Sales and Marketing

Marketing Managers, Project Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Sales Consultants, Business Development Managers

Construction and Development

Project Managers, Development Managers, Contract Administrator, Acquisitions, Project Directors

Executive Search

C-Suite Executives, Head of Property, Director of Development, Chief Development Officers

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