Yes, subscriptions give you complete peace of mind that the cost covers all the expense of attracting the right talent for your role.

We understand that change is inevitable which is why we allow all subscribers to pause payments for a total of three months in their 12-month billing cycle. These can be taken in one-month blocks. During any pause, all member benefits are paused.

The minimum term if for 12 months.

Any temp who has been working for your business for more than 12 months can be hired free of charge, prior to that date we charge a simple 15% fee based on their first years renumeration.

We can either charge a one-off fee of 15%, or you are welcome to choose to pay 1.5% of their salary over 12 months.

The monthly payment for this candidate is paused until a replacement is found. The billing will recommence when a new candidate returns a signed employment contract.

No, there is no contractual obligation to do so, however our packages are created in such a way as to reward loyalty and of course give you greater peace of mind with our benefits, so we would simply encourage our subscribers to give our talent partners the first opportunity to work with you.

We often work with employers, where our experience to attract talent in an impartial way is going to add value, so we can do this with confidence.

Yes, we have many years’ experience recruiting executives into key roles, be it CEO, MD, Group Directors and similar in Australia, the U.K and S.E Asia; we even have an exec team who specifically assist with market-mapping.

No, these features may work well for some but also won’t suit others, they are just there if and when needed.

Absolutely, this is there for you to use as a subscriber, you have full access.

Your second placement is charged at 1.5% of the candidates annual salary for all additional hires on the “essentials” package. On the “Advantage” and “Premium” plans, the second hire is also 1.5%, however after this, each new hire is charged on a decreasing scale, 1.4%, 1.3% down to a flat rate of just 1% of the candidates salary each month.

Contract assignments are charged as normal on a monthly basis following your weekly approval of timesheet hours.

Not at present, though this may be added in the future.

Yes, we have competitive payrolling fees. Just ask us for a quote and we will get back to you straight away.